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Avoid business' fatal mistake, failed or no backup

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The biggest threat to business is irrecoverable data loss.

Business data has a multitude of threats with the most common experience critical data loss.

Data loss occurs when business have insufficient disaster and recovery contingency in place.

The key is to ensure backup and recovery systems are in place appropriately and they work. The priority will be informed by evaluating the impact of the data unavailability.

To determine, ask yourself:

- What data are used in daily business?

- How long can the business operate without it?

- Who is responsible for the backup and recovery of it?

- To what level(s) do they know they are responsible?

- What monitoring is undertaken to ensure it works? and

- What are the time frames to recover from scenarios?

Once the picture is painted, a disaster and contingency strategy can be formed, and from that, ongoing actions implemented.

TGL can assist quickly inform you in a simple plain English.

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