• Tim Laurie

How to avoid business' fatal mistake, a failed or no backup!

Updated: Jun 4

The biggest threat to business is irrecoverable data loss. It can be from accidental or intentional deletion, hardware failure, software corruption, malicious extortion to name a few.

As you can see there are many threats to data, and all have the same outcome of critical data loss, that threatens the business' very existence. Its why ransomware and CryptoLocker are so prevalent. It is so effective at rendering business inoperable if protection against does not exist.

To say it another way data loss can only occur when business have insufficient backup and recovery contingency measures in place.

The key is to ensure backup and contingency systems in place are appropriate and they work. The priority for business is to plan, starting by understanding the importance of data availability.

Ask yourself:

- What data is used in our daily business?

- How long can the business operate without it?

- Who is responsible for the backup and recovery of it?

- When do these backup systems run?

- What are the worse case scenarios for

- Who is responsible for the backup system?

- To what level are they responsible ie; restore the data and its availability?

- What monitoring is undertaken to ensure it works? and

- What are the time frames to recover from disaster scenarios?

Once the picture is painted, a disaster and contingency strategy can be commenced, and from that, ongoing actions implemented.

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