Flexible work spaces

The range and scope of tools for remote working has never been greater than now

Simple elegant solutions that optimise, many utilising cloud providers service offerings, work best


For example a Google G Suite Business account provides unlimited cloud storage for an account with 5 or more users. It also includes Vault for eDiscovery and archiving to manage, retain, and search


Said another way, it ensures inexpensively, data will never be lost​

What’s not so apparent, at no additional cost, is Google’s intelligent office suite that comes with all G Suite products


It enables users to create, and collaborate in real time, with a comprehensive set of powerful integrated office applications

Again, no fees for office software, and it reads, imports, exports in the commonly used formats

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Internet bandwidth

Optimising precious resources 

There is a limit to the bandwidth and adding more is expensive with long lead times to install

Most people have their own internet connection at home, and for a remote work force, is where business ideally want bandwidth consumed

Best practice is have the office internet connection dedicated and efficient in delivering critical services 

Cloud tools, like Google's G Suite  Drive File Stream, enables remote users to work on local files without an internet connection that will sync files later when they do

Browser enabled applications also utilise less bandwidth than locally installed applications that use bandwidth to pull data down

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Typing on a Computer

Data security

Protecting digital assets and preventing attacks

It's the 80/20 rule, most security breaches occur when a user mistakenly hands over credentials 

A  highly effective way to prevent is with multi-factor authentication (MFP) also known as 2-step verification(2SV)

MFP/2SV provides a safety net in the circumstances of initial credentials being provided by requesting another step of verification be completed before access is granted

Either a code, or authorisation request, is generated to the users mobile verifying access

Security patching of hardware is another key task easily automated 

Additionally there are platforms that are fertile fields for cryptolocker malware, and others that are not

​And cloud providers offer data sovereignty and security choices that tick all the boxes 

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Your choice

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TGL have helped business for 30 years and we're a small business ourselves


We understand the constraints of budget, time and resources for business

We're experienced in sifting through the chaff and cutting to the chase

We also stand from a strategic viewpoint from the top; ie; business sustainability, all the way down to the low level tasks ie; daily backup completed successfully


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Business Research
Rapid change

And now the focus pivots to assist increase efficiency, streamline infrastructure, and support remote workforce

Now, more than ever, it’s critical for business to obtain great value in the financial shifts of Covid-19 health pandemic


Immediate and significant cost savings can be attained with smart use of efficient and agile IT infrastructure

TGL are here to help business access expertise and services that will save money

With over 30 years experience Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experience, we've seen and done a lot

TGL are accredited Google G Suite deployment specialist, trained AWS systems architects as well as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft partner, to name a few

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