Flexible work spaces

The range and scope of tools for remote working has never been greater than now.

There are simple elegant solutions available, that can be deployed quickly and easily, which have a profound impact on daily business.

For example a Google Workspace for Business Standard provides two terabytes of cloud storage and includes Meet video conference with recording. The Business Plus plan adds the retention of Vault for eDiscovery for email archiving and search. Or said another way, it ensures company  data within can always be retrieved.

What’s not so apparent with Google's Workspace is its intelligent integrated office suite. It enables users to create, and collaborate in real time, with a comprehensive set of powerful integrated office applications for documents, spreadsheets, slides, and it reads, imports, exports in all commonly deployed formats. And Forms allows busness to quickly and easily create/analyze surveys, instaneously as they come in, or summarize results with charts and graphs.

Workspace also has advanced artificial intelligence to make it easier to respond to emails, gather insights from data and protect against phishing attacks before they happen.

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Security and the Internet

Protecting and Optimising Resources 

Internet connection reliability and bandwidth are essential for business. This connection is also a potential bottleneck for productivity, and a gateway for malicious attack.

The key for business is ensure corporate data is secure in its connection to the internet. A combination of quality router, use of firewall rules, and virtual private network(VPN) connections is essential. Device policy management should extend all the way down to remote users and mobiles.

Both intrusion and penetration reviews should be completed regularly, likewise Disaster Recovery(DR) planning and backup systems being periodically tested.


Two-Step Verification(2SV) (aka Multifactor Authentication(MFA)) should be mandatory on all corporate accounts including; email, social media, and others.

All staff, particularly finance, should regularly complete security training to be aware of the latest phishing and malicious techniques.

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How we can help you

Keeping it simple in plain English

TGL approach is have IT work for your business and you.

We recommend by starting with a obligation-free meeting, followed by an IT audit to understand existing IT infrastructure and concerns. 

Generally we like to take an approach of investing our time in this initial work inside of a commitment to proactively assist in the IT management and strategy going forward.  

In most cases this generally results in a range services being utilised and invaluable monthly IT strategy/management meetings.

After working in partnership with TGL, clients will then achieve reliable, and flexible IT infrastructure as well as peace of mind knowing contingency scenarios are being catered for.   

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It's your choice

Take action to make IT work!

TGL have helped business for over 30 years and know what works best.


We understand the constraints of budget, time and resources.

We are skilled in sifting through the chaff and cutting to the chase.

We stand from a strategic viewpoint first, however we're happy go all the way down to the low level tasks if requested ie; check daily backup log.


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Agility and resilience 

Today, business must have the ability to move quickly, to scale and pivot, to manage rapid change.

Now, more than ever, its critical for business to create greater value from their resources.

Performance and cost efficiencies can be garnered quickly from proven, and agile Information Technology(IT) infrastructure.

TGL are here to help business access these technologies in a way that will save time, save money and avoid costly mistakes.

With nearly 40 years IT experience (yes, we've seen and done a lot) we are an expert IT resource that business can access affordably.

TGL are accredited Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) deployment specialist, trained AWS systems architect as well as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft partner, to name a few.

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“TGL basically represents our internal IT department... TGL understands our business requirements and is very much involved in our growth strategy.”

Managing Director, Trading Company

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“We value our friendly, personable working relationship with TGL.”

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“TGL's role in our company is vital in maintaining the integrity of our information and also in keeping us up to date with the latest technology and security.”

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